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~ Training ~
Even old dogs love new tricks!

Training is our primary focus at Lance Kennels, and after 35 years of experience – we are proud to say it is what we do best. We train dogs of the retriever family – Labradors, Goldens, Chesapeake Bay, Flat-Coats and Standard Poodles.

Our dogs are trained year round primarily for competition in AKC Hunt Test, and generally to specific hunting skills. Our winter facilities are in Georgia, with summer training in Wisconsin. All facilities include land, water and equipment needed to train the beginning dog to the finished one, as we teach through progressive experience.

Periodically we have started dogs for sale which have had their obedience, force fetching and field work with marking scenarios in the field & water.

For specific questions about your dog’s current level of training and future potential, please contact us so we can discuss some of the options you may like to explore.

We do offer basic obedience training for all breeds. This is a 4-6 week training period where your dog stays with us at Lance Kennels. Near the end of the training period, you are invited to participate in the program and be trained in the handling of your dog.

Photos above & below:
Our "chain gang" drying off from water retrieves


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