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~ Our Girls ~

Metis Pchit of Buckshot, MNH

 OFA #

 EIC - Normal/Clear

 CNM - Clear

 Eyes - Clear

Girlie is very stylish. She is fast, eager to work and enjoys to train and perform. She has qualified for a number of AKC Master National Hunt Tests and successfully qualified at the Master National Hunt Test in Minnesota in 2008, California in 2010, and Maryland in 2011.  

HRCH Lance’s MeToo of Marsh & Glen,
MH, CDX, RE, WCX - Bronze


Hips - Good, Elbows - Normal, vWD - clear (by parenting)



MeToo has acquired all of these titles by the age of 3 1/2. She is very willing to learn and enjoys her job. She has been able to work competitively in both the field and obedience programs.




Paul & Dee Lance
4028 Sandy Lane
Junction City, Wisconsin 54443
(309) 303-7351  or  (715) 457-2420